Reminders are everywhere

December 22, 2011 by Julie Moon

I had a friend stop me at baby girl’s school last week to tell me about her sister who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  She’s got four children, no family history and she’s young…maybe 40.  She was nursing her 8 month old and found a lump.

I had another friend stop me at church to tell me that she finally went and had her first mammogram.  She’d been putting it off and decided to go and do it after hearing my story.

These are the reminders that help me when I’m up late at night feeling nauseous that in only 42 days I will be changing my life in an intense way.  Christmas has been so busy it’s almost hard to even think about it yet.  Today I had to call and schedule a couple of things that must be done before surgery and it hit me hard.  I know this is right but man is it just MIND BLOWING all at the same time.


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