New Orleans, Charleston?

November 3, 2011 by Julie Moon

Today is a day dedicated to staying in my pajamas and researching.  I need to figure out what kind of reconstruction I want.  I am leaning towards really wanting to reconstruct my breasts with tissue from my own body…not implants.  I really like the idea of whatever is in my body being my own…less chance for my body to reject it.  I like the idea of having one surgery and being done…not having to replace implants long term.  I like the idea that if I gain weight or lose weight my breasts will gain or lose with me.  I like the idea of losing a bit of fat from another part of my body in the process of gaining new breasts.   I am seriously considering traveling out of town for this reconstruction…there are two centers I am researching…one in New Orleans and another in Charleston, SC.  It looks like they both cover my insurance so I would just have the extra travel expenses.

I’d be just like a real life Hollywood star.  Travel out of town and have some major plastic surgery and return home a new woman. ha!

Here are the links to two of the places I’m considering.  They do so many more DIEP and GAP procedures than anyone in Atlanta.  There’s lots of great reading about what it is I’m planning on doing on their websites.

New Orleans






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